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Outdated or cumbersome data handling processes are not just resource issues. When they accumulate, they can become business quicksand. Hardware and software problems—unwieldy inventory practices—database coordination issues—outdated network infrastructure…a whole host of things can pile on top of each other to put strain on your business. And struggling in such a quagmire doesn’t just hold your company back…it can pull you under.

So how does the budget-conscious business owner or CIO deal with these issues? Is it possible to ensure data availability while maintaining confidentiality and integrity? Can it be done economically without having to hire additional IT staff?

At Out of the Box, LLC, we have the answers you’re seeking. We offer IT services and application development custom-designed for your unique situation. Whether you operate a very small business that just needs occasional hardware or software help or a larger organization that requires complex database design or network engineering, we can get the job done for you.


22 January 2015


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